Sites and places

"Sites and places", 1991. Grog clay. 30x40x7 cm. each

"Sites and places", 1995. Grog clay. 61x55x8 cm.

"Sites and places", 1996. Refractory. 18x59x20 cm.

"Sites and places", 1995. Grog clay. 61x55x8 cm. each

"Sites and places", 1996. Grog clay over polyester / fiberglass. 242x486x13 cm.

Carelian Museum exhibition, Lappeenranta (Finland). 1996

Public work project, 1998. Clay and metal. Unrealised public space work project

"Sites and places", 1996-2002. Grog clay and reinforced concrete. 500x1200x500 cm. Awading prize in 1997 and final installation in 2002. Abandoibarra promenade, Bilbao

"Sites and places". Grog clay y reinforced concrete. 500x1200x500 cm. Bilbao. 1996-2002

"Sites and places". Abandoibarra promenade. Bilbao