"Near the sea", 1988. Grog clay. 250x200x100 cm.

"Lira", 1988. Grog clay and metallic structure. 145x113x28 cm.

"Benerice's hair", 1988. Grog clay and metallic structure. 113x145x28 cm.

"Milky Way" (first place piece), 1989. Grog clay and metallic structure. 32x463x309 cm. Término Art Gallery exhibition, Madrid. 1991

"Untitled", 1990. Grog clay. 200x300x17 cm. Final installation in Aurora Building, Barcelona

"Pompeya in company y Pompeya in Asua". Grog porcelain and grog clay over metallic structure. Variable sizes. 224x260x4 cm. and 140x128x10 cm. Vanguardia Art Gallery exhibition, Bilbao. 1990

"Pompeya in company", 1990. Grog porcelain. 224x260x4 cm.

"Opposite museum", 1988. Grog clay. 285x426 cm.

"Here and there", 1993. Grog clay. 266x166x10 cm.

"The Universe wash its hands out (Juanjo)", 1990. Grog clay. 199x288 cm.

Pimentel Palace exhibition, Valladolid. 1994